Solar Blossom

Solar Blossom

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The exquisite notes of freshly cut flowers and heady bouquets.

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The orange blossoms perfuming the patio, the intense sunshine of spring and me, little boy, concentrated on my vanilla ice cream. It was often eaten when the temperature climbed. At the time, we did not have air conditioning but we had ice cream! We were far from the sea, but we dreamed about it. And the slightest breeze gave us a craving for Beach getaways.

"Solar blossom is the memory of those moments. Paradisone and neroli evoke the fresh water that was thrown on the burning floor. Then, the orange blossom and the sambac Jasmine tell all the density of the hot air saturated with perfumes while the vanilla superabsolute brings its greedy sweetness. A thousand-leaf of olfactory reminiscent where everything has gone from a warm and sweet orange blossom, barely sugared as a childhood gluttony.

Top notes: Essence of neroli bigarade, paradisone
Heart notes: Jasmine absolute, orange blossom absolute
Base notes: Vanilla superabsolute

Olfactive family: Floral

The Fragrance Wheel

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