Queen of Silk
Embodies the opulent lustre and ethereal softness of silk leaving a trail of sensual allure that captivates the senses.
On-Demand Masterclass
Discover the perfect way to explore the art of perfumery from the comfort of home.
A delicate scent inspired by The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

On-Demand Masterclasses

Discover the world of fine perfumery on your own schedule with our On-Demand Masterclasses! Our Fragrance Expert provides a personalised and engaging olfactory journey. Perfect for busy fragrance lovers or as a unique gift. Experience the art of scent creation like never before!

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Online and In-store Masterclasses

Uncover the secrets of scent creation and indulge your senses with Libertine Parfumerie's Online and In-store Masterclasses! Led by our Fragrance Experts, these immersive classes provide a fun and engaging way to explore exquisite fragrances. 

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Perfume Guarantee

We'll include a matching free sample with your full-size perfume purchase online. If you aren't happy with your sample, you can return your unopened fragrance and exchange it for another.

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Match My Fragrance

Need a new fragrance but don't know where to start? Try Match It by Michael Edwards and find your new signature scent.

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