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The exquisite notes of freshly cut flowers and heady bouquets.

Soft Floral

Soft, sweet, powdery and dry with a hint of creaminess.

Floral Amber

Combines floral notes with subtle scents of spice.

Soft Amber

Soft floral notes mixed with incense and warm spices.


Sweet, spicy and warm notes, bold, sensual and sumptuous.

Woody Amber

Earthy woody notes, mixed with spicy and sweet notes.


Warm, dry and sophisticated notes of woods, resin and moss.

Mossy Woods

Sweet, smooth and earthy notes of the forest.

Dry Woods

Smouldering and smoky wood notes mixed with leather aromas.


Clean, fresh and herbaceous aromatic notes of lavender and citrus.


Zesty, tangy and refreshing aromas, like lemons, bergamot and grapefruit.


Aquatic notes that smell of sea spray or rain, mixed with oceanic accords.


Crisp green notes reminiscent of cut grass or crushed leaves.


Sweet, delicious and tropical notes, like peach, pear and apple.

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