Christmas Home Fragrance Gift Guide

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While cities sparkle at this festive time of year, high streets glistening with garlands and festooning Christmas light canopies, our homes undergo a transformation of their own. Wherever you rank on the festive-o-meter, from Scrooge-like scarcity to full-blown Santa’s grotto, chances are you’ll be applying at least a decorative touch or two to mark the occasion.

But it doesn’t have to stop at tinsel and trinkets. Home fragrance can breathe new life into any living space. And, during the holiday season, it feels as though the happiness and harmony of a beautiful aroma is more essential than ever. Whether you’re looking to fill the room with festive cheer, or gifting something special to a loved one, our Christmas Home Fragrance Gift Guide can help steer you in the right direction.

Creed — Christmas Leather Explorer Collection

Extend the Creed experience to your home with an extraordinary collection of limited release candles, complete with luxury Italian leather casing. Inspired by his father’s oceanic travels in the early 1900s, Olivier Creed sought to imitate the design of the trunks that once boarded the Empress of Canada from Vancouver to Kobe. After seeing photos of his father next to a stack of trunks and vanity cases, Olivier was compelled to reimagine them as a treasured objet d’art, sparking the visual theme for the collection.

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vanisia blue leather candle and birmanie oud blue leather candle

A monogram pattern case is reminiscent of the elegance of yesteryear, using the finest Italian leather for a supremely luxurious look and feel. The result is a striking navy blue exterior that is both modern yet traditional. The candles, available in two scents, are both inspired by seafaring voyages. Birmanie Oud, created with the Far East in mind, blends sweet styrax and fragrant tonka bean, akin to the agar trees discovered in Myanmar, while Vanisia is a whirlwind of sweet vanilla nectar and delicate notes of amber, inspired by visits to India.  

Presented in glass vessels then dressed in French navy holders, both scents are delightful additions to any home. Each is available in 650g and 1.475g. 

vanisia blue leather candle and birmanie oud blue leather candle

A Charming Christmas from Trudon

Maison Trudon are back with this year’s annual Christmas collection: A Charming Christmas. With five new and updated Christmas-scented candles, the oldest and most esteemed candle-maker in the world draws inspiration from the charms and bracelets worn under Queen Victoria, and the fashion phenomena that subsequently emerged from 1950s Hollywood.

Celebrities, actresses and chic women turned the idea of these elegant charms — of gold bracelets and mini portrait-bearing medallions originally worn by the former monarch — into stylish fashion statements. Fun-loving yet debonair, the collection sings to the spirit of a trend that took America’s Golden Age by storm.

The candle designs, of whimsical drawings by acclaimed illustrator Lawrence Mynott, dance on colourful lacquered glass, each enhanced by exquisite interior gold leaf. Exclusive 2022 additions Spella (woody amber) and Felice (citrus & spices) — available in soft amber and light purple respectively — are the latest creative colours in the collection. Meanwhile, Gloria (woods & spices), Gabriel (gourmand chimney fire) and Fir (Christmas tree) — available in red, green and blue — make their annual return.

felice christmas classic candle

Each of the regular seasonal scents — Gabriel, Fir and Gloria — are available in 270g, 800g and 3kg sizes, while new additions Spella and Felice are stocked in the 270g classic size.

Carrière Frères — Holidays Collection — Siberian Pine 

Carrière Frères’ new limited editions celebrate Siberian pine. Three original scents, each blending pine with winter rose, smoked wood and candied ginger respectively, explore three distinctive perfume facets of the warming wood ingredient, intended to invoke an affection for shared family moments.

Filling the air with femininity, Pine & Winter Rose composes a peaceful balance of woody and floral, where pine needles and rose petals combine for a uniquely elegant winter blend, all-the-while maintaining the strength of character of the noble rose. Alternatively, Pine & Smoked Wood is a blanket of Christmas comfort, a perfectly woody concoction of traditional pine notes mimicking the smoke and smoulder of a cosy fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Rounding out the collection, a sublime gourmet touch of candied ginger sweetens and refreshes, producing an invigorating aroma that satisfies the seasonal appetite for spice.

Pine & Candied Ginger Candle
carriere freres pine coffret candles

Each scented candle is available in 185g, while all three can be enjoyed as part of the Pine Coffret Trio 3x70g. And, you can extend the Carrière experience to all corners of your home with the Pine & Winter Rose Botanical Palets, ornamental wax fresheners used for scenting wardrobes and other such spaces — even hang them on the tree for the ultimate aromatic decoration!

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Santa Maria Novella — Pomegranate in Scented Terracotta,
Paesi del Mondo Diffusers

With a stunning bouquet of spicy floral aromas, it’s hard to imagine a home fragrance more well suited to the time of year. Handcrafted from ceramic terracotta, each pomegranate is soaked in Santa Maria Novella’s famous Melograno fragrance, which slowly — and powerfully — diffuses into the air. Warm and welcoming, it’s the perfect aromatic backdrop for the holiday season.

Also from Santa Maria Novella, a truly global collection of room fragrance diffusers, each taking inspiration from five continents around the world. Paesi del Mondo, or ‘Countries of the World’, are available in five evocative scents: America (biscuits, caramel and vanilla), Europa (bergamot, red wine and mossy woods), Africa (eucalyptus, mango and white musk), Asia (lotus flower, lily of the valley and iris) and Oceania (marine breeze, white flowers and green tea).

Europa Profumo del Mondo Diffuser
Melograno Scented Terracotta

Ormaie — 8m2 Candle

Underlining the value of family, Ormaie sits comfortably around this year’s festive table. 

Themselves family-owned, the Parisian house draws inspiration from their lineage of creators and artisans, as well as from local artists and collaborators they meet along the way. 8m2 recalls the founder’s grandfather, hands full of fresh soil from his humble herb garden. Earthy aromas recall a kitchen garden of eight-metres squared, herbaceous and vegetal, with notes of mint, basil and rosemary.

8m2 Candle by ormaie

Laboratorio Olfattivo — Incensamente Diffuser & Room Spray

The need to tell a story drives the creation of every Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrance. Bringing together the most eclectic noses on the scene, each scent is a collaborative olfactory conclusion, where creative visions, reflections, and sensations re-lived converge. 

Zen-Zero Diffuser by laboratorio olfattivo

Mystical and golden, Incensamente illuminates with subtle warmth. A delicate incense that is both familiar and intriguing, the use of elemi resin sparkles with a burst of balsamic — almost lemony — spice. Available in both room spray and diffuser form, this ambient aroma is a canny choice for those of discerning taste. 

Christian Tortu — Forets Diffuser

Christian Tortu’s story is one of deep connection to the natural world. Tortu sees that nature, too often overlooked within urban development, can — and should — play a bigger, more challenging role within the modern living environment.

His design work in floral scenography garners much acclaim, featuring on catwalks the world over, as well as the Cannes Film Festival. His enduring motivation, of reimagining landscapes where they are otherwise deprived, lives on through his scented lines. Forets, an addictive alliance of pine, gum rockrose, freshly-cut grass and Virginian cedar, boldly takes root, a beautiful rewilding of your Christmas home habitat.

Forets Diffuser by christian tortu
christian tortu

Floris — Luxury Soap Collection

Steeped in royal history, Floris is a true emblem of British luxury.

Inside this beautiful 6x100g presentation gift box, the Luxury Soap Collection contains six finely fragranced soaps — each meticulously hand-wrapped — from their signature collection:
White Rose, Cefiro, Lily of the Valley, Edwardian Bouquet, Elite & Rose Geranium. A predominantly floral curation, each soap is triple milled with a vegetable base to produce a rich, velvety lather. Added shea butter helps moisturise the skin, leaving it sumptuously silky and smooth — a life of luxury on the skin.

Floris Luxury Soap Collection

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