Libertine Grooming Awards 2021

Words by Mia Tran


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Choosing the best grooming products takes time and effort because real results are what matter most. We've tested them all, and here is our list of the 6 most

Libertine-Approved Grooming Products of 2021!

1. GROWN ALCHEMIST, Instant Smoothing Serum

It takes a lot to pick our list of the best grooming products of the year and after testing every drop of overpriced men’s skincare on the market, Instant Smoothing Serum is one of the products we swear by. Formulated using a complex-combination of plant-derived high, medium and low weight Hyaluronan molecules, this innovative anti-aging serum delivers an instant lifting effect through intense hydration, rapidly smoothing the skin’s surface. Dispensed from a medical grade pipette bottle, this Instant Smoothing Serum is a powerful daily beauty elixir.

2. HUNTER LAB, Daily Face Fuel

If you’re going to splurge on a facial moisturiser, this is the one. It’s our belief that you can never go wrong with a moisturiser packed with macadamia, avocado and passionfruit seed oils. The nourishing oils in Daily Face Fuel help to smooth without irritation and help correct skin-ageing free radicals. It is that hydrating and rejuvenating – which is a result of the Passionflower and Wakame extracts in the formula.

3. CLAUS PORTO, Musgo Real

There aren’t enough good things we can say about this combo! With extra moisturizing properties, Musgo Real shaving cream will always ensure the cleanest of clean cuts.

And sure, your soap doesn’t have to be chic to work. But let us be first to say, Musgo Real soap on a rope is REALLY worth the hype. Infused with charcoal powder, known for its purifying properties, and organic grape-seed oil to condition the skin, it is now dressed in black to transform your bathing experience.

4. FLORIS, Cefiro Deodorant

From Floris grooming range, meet Cefiro Deodorant: A gently scented antibacterial deodorant stick. Alcohol and aluminium-free to prevent pores from being blocked, and making it ideal for sensitive skin. Added vitamin E protects the delicate underarm area maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. It's a formula you’ll love without the ingredients you don’t!


There are plenty of reasons why some of the most well-manicured men have fallen head over heels with Brass razor. Turned from untreated brass then painted with nanotechnology products to protect from oxidation without modifying the natural finish? Yes, please!

FYI, the head is compatible with Gillette Mach 3.

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