Fragrances and Love Languages

A Love Story in Every Scent: Understanding Love Languages and Fragrances

Turn your love language into an artful affair through our diverse collection of luxury perfume, bath & body, and experiential gift ideas. From gifts, physical touch and quality time, to words of affirmation and acts of service, we’ve got all bases covered, helping you transform the act of Valentine’s Day gift-giving into a profound celebration of affection.



For those who express affection through the art of gifting, the gift really needs to do the talking. Aventus by Creed exudes sophistication and strength, making it an ideal for someone who appreciates timeless elegance. Radical Rose, with its bold and unconventional floral notes, caters to those who seek unique and daring scents, embodying the spirit of rebellion.

Althair by Parfums de Marly, known for its captivating blend of amber and spicy accords, appeals to individuals who find allure in the mysterious and sensual. Lubin’s Magda, on the other hand, boasts a delicate and romantic composition, making it a sweet and enchanting option for those who value tender moments.

Physical Touch

The love language of physical touch can be beautifully expressed through the thoughtful gifting of sensual bath and body products. These luxurious creations provide a tactile and intimate experience that resonates with the essence of physical connection. La Perla’s bath & body range pampers the skin with luxurious textures, from soothing oil to nourishing body balm.

Karite Shea Discovery Kit by Compagnie de Provence offers a dream of velvety textures while the nourishing properties of shea butter rejuvenate the skin, and Salt by Hendrix’s Cocosoak Trilogy offers three divine bath soaks containing organic coconut milk and unique plant-powered extracts


Quality Time

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If quality time is your love language, the perfect gift lies in experiential delights. Whether in-store, online or on-demand, perfume masterclasses can create cherished moments of shared exploration and discovery, fostering a deeper connection through the art of scent.

 What’s more, our exclusive Valentine's Day masterclass at Libertine’s flagship Sydney store promises to be a high point in the schedule, the perfect way to transcend the material and foster unforgettable moments together.

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are beautifully complemented by brands with bold, suggestive messaging. Perhaps Juliette Has a Gun’s Lady Vengeance, Miss Charming or MMMM fit the bill, or the more candid Map of the Heart’s Love or Ecstacy hit the right notes? One thing’s for sure: these fragrances pack a wordy punch and captivate the senses.

Or, maybe the deep and meaningful tone of Etat Libre D'Orange’s Soul of my Soul or Une Amourette (A Love Affair) align for you, while the intimate reflections of D’Orsay’s Nous Sommes Amants (We are Lovers) may capture the intensity you desire.


Acts of Service

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The love language of acts of service seamlessly sits alongside one of our fragrance discovery Sample Set + eGift Card offerings, providing invaluable assistance to the lucky recipient in the process of choosing their new scent, turning the gift into a thoughtful and practical gesture that enhances their fragrance experience. With four themes to choose from — Rose, Oud, and Warm & Cosy, there’s never been a better way to help your beloved find that special scent.