Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Masculine Fragrances

Our pick of the most exquisite niche perfumes for 2022 is here. Whether you’re gifting someone special or looking to indulge yourself, Libertine’s Christmas Gift Guide is your festive fragrance fail-safe this holiday season. 

creed christmas gift

Creed — Aventus and the Blue Leather Perfume Sleeve 

The limited edition Blue Leather Perfume Sleeve is the ultimate luxury gift to house your Creed fragrance.

The sleeve’s monogram pattern case is reminiscent of the elegance of yesteryear, using the finest Italian leather for a supremely luxurious look and feel. The result is a striking navy blue exterior that is both modern yet traditional. For something really special, optimise your sleeve with a bottle of Aventus Creeds star masculine fragrance and a fail-safe gift this holiday season.

blue leather sleeve by creed with silver mountain water eau de parfum
aventus, blue mountain water, millesime imperial and the blue leather perfume sleeve

Frapin — 1270

Under the artistic leadership of David Frossard, Frapin creates exceptional perfumes that draw inspiration from their history of cognac-making.

Since 1270, their distillery has produced fine, small-batch volumes of the spirit and, in 2006, turned their attention to producing another exquisite form of liquid. 1270, their first fragrance, is an ode to their cognac past. Akin to a great cognac, it reveals a perfect balance between the richness of precious woods, the sensuality of white honey and the exotism of sweet vanilla.

1270 eau de parfum by frapin

This complex and tasty creation also pays tribute to a particular variety of wine: La Folle Blanche. A perfume for hedonists.

Roja Parfums — Danger Pour Homme Parfum Cologne

Risk-takers be warned: Danger announces itself with a princely aromatic punch of lavender and tarragon, alongside a pinch of spicy clove and cumin. 

Roja Dove’s addictive scent is as refined as it is daring, entering into a seduction of creamy jasmine, before melting into velvety vanilla and tonka bean. Confident, strong and esoteric, Danger is a temptation too good to resist.

lifestyle image
Danger Pour Homme Parfum Cologne by roja

Clive Christian — No.1 Masculine 

Clive Christian creates fragrances that are both complex and visionary.

The Crown Perfume Company, the brand’s predecessor, was the only house granted to use the image of Queen Victoria's crown, a permission that remains today with each crown-capped bottle — an enduring symbol of splendour and prestige. No.1 extends the regal feel of its gleaming gold exterior with an exquisite composition, one that is understated yet distinctive. Known for using the finest, most precious materials, No.1 Masculine is no exception. Spicy citrus top notes fall into powdery musks and vetiver, revealing themselves with rich warmth, resting atop a 50-year-old Indian sandalwood base.

No.1 Masculine by christian clive
No.1 feminine  by christian clive

Santa Maria Novella — Tabacco Toscano 1221 Edition

Considered the oldest apothecary in the world, the Florence-based pharmacy has been producing traditional preparations — cosmetic and personal care items — such as balms, ointments, soaps and perfumes, since 1221.

Tabacco Toscano, part of the extended 1221 collection, takes inspiration from their original compositions, modernised for the contemporary wearer. 

Tabacco Toscano eau de parfum 1221 Edition by santa maria novella

The newest iteration of the fragrance retains the essence of tuscan tobacco leaves and softens with a vanilla and musk base. 


Parfums de Marly — Haltane 

Parfums de Marly emulates eighteenth century French elegance. Aiming to create a masculine fragrance full of contrasts, here they deliver an original scent bursting with vitality.

A journey of light and shadow, Haltane is a balance of sophistication and freshness, a venture of tradition and innovation fit for all occasions — a bold woody fragrance for gentlemen of the generations.

haltane eau de parfum by parfums de marly

Matiere Premiere — Crystal Saffron

An idea is based around an exceptional natural ingredient. Founder Aurelian Guichard’s approach to perfume-making resonates profoundly with Crystal Saffron.

melbourne christmas
crystal saffron eau de parfum by matiere premiere

Working with natural saffron sourced from Greece, Guichard produces an addictive, vibrant, vividly textural fragrance, accentuated by Somalian incense oil and ambroxan — a dry woods of truly universal appeal.