Perfumes for Autumn

The seasons are changing and so should your perfume

Autumn heralds a time of transition, where crisp air and falling leaves inspire a desire for fragrances with added depth and warmth. Gone (in part) are the light, airy notes of summer; instead, we are drawn to perfumes that embrace the earthiness of autumn, with layers of spice, wood, and resin.


Viking boasts all the aromatic trappings of summer but with added oomph and spice. Originally released in 2017, Creed’s fiery masculine fragrance leaves one foot trailing in the warmer months with uplifting notes of bergamot and lemon, while key notes of pimento (all spice) and Lavadin both add show-stopping depth to this unsung hero.

Aside from the fitting autumnal hues of orange and brown, Material’s classical soft amber profile ticks the olfactory boxes for fallen leaves and sun dappled woodlands. Exploring a multitude of textures, Amouage skillfully creates a scent that traverses wood, leaf and bark through a combination of bright peppery Elemi, Madagascan vanilla and frankincense.


Erba Gold is a great example of how the right amber fragrance can come into its own well ahead of the winter months. Decorated with bright, crisp citrus, of lemon, orange and manifold Mediterranean fruits, Xerjoff underpins this breathtaking scent with an indulgent blend of white musk and vanilla base notes.

With a balancing blast of citrus featuring the sunny sensations of mandarin and juicy pineapple, Apex conjures something remarkably complex yet effortlessly wearable. A bright opening seamlessly settles into warmer hues of oakmoss, leather, tobacco and ambergris, as well as a variety of woods, delivering a crisp mossy woods that is as invigorating as it is grounding.


Originating as a producer of fine cognacs in France’s Grande Champagne region, the house later extended its hand to the world of niche fragrance — with equally stunning results. With Isles of Man, Frapin creates a compelling paradox in a bottle: a woods that is both mouth-wateringly addictive — even biscuit-y — yet bright, bouncy and fresh with invigorating notes of basil and grapefruit. The perfect all-rounder for those mixed weather days.

The concept behind Royal Sapphire attempts to recreate the depth and dazzling brilliance of the oldest jewel used in the British Imperial State Crown: the St.Edward's Sapphire. Notes of citrus and orange blossom and a sprinkleing of regal sparkle are anchored by notes of amber, moss, dry wood and patchouli, adding layer upon layer of luxurious depth and complexity to an otherwise crisp composition.

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