3 Most Seductive Women's Fragrances that Guarantee to Turn Heads

Words by Mia Tran


They say the first impression is the last impression. And it is true...

A fragrance should be your calling card - it is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Continue reading to find out our top 3 most complimented women’s fragrances.

“Excuse me, what fragrance are you wearing?”

1. Amouage, Journey Woman

Those looking for a more sophisticated take on floral fragrances will be sure to love this. Everything is wonderful about Journey Woman - starting from the amazing bottle design and finishing with an unforgettable scent.

It is feminine and alluring at the same time and perhaps one of the most intimate scents has Amouage made. It effortlessly makes the perfect finishing touch, accompanies you through any occasion in your life and guarantees to catch the attention of anyone around.

The alluring scent features top notes of osmanthus, cardamom, nutmeg, jasmine tea and apricot. The middle notes are a sweet celebration of jasmine, mimosa, honey. cedarwood, cypriol, musk, tobacco, saffron, vanilla lend a lingering sensuality to the base notes of this popular women’s perfume, and this is what makes it so desirable and loved.

2. BDK, Pas Ce Soir

There are many reasons why Pas Ce Soir should be your new signature scent. It’s light and airy, which makes it ideal to be worn during the day, but it’s also very feminine and romantic which is perfect for an evening date. 

Sweet, smooth yet earthy, it is for those who aren’t afraid of experimenting. Playful and flirty, perfect for those who like to spend their nights out. Even though the fragrance sweet, the scent itself is zesty and refreshing that you would want to just spritz it over and over again!

3. Roja Parfums, Danger Pour Femme Parfum

Right now, the trend is for scents that start nice and turn naughty. Scandal Pour Femme Parfum is both mysterious and light-hearted with warm spices, fresh florals, shadowy balms and woods.

Just like its name, it is dangerous not just for those wearing it, but for those who smell it on them. From the moment you wear it on your skin, it gradually unfolds throughout the night, leaving you wanting more.

It is the sort of fragrance that greets you with an innocent smile and then when you sniff again, raises an inviting eyebrow. The enchanting perfume for women opens with top notes of aromatic lemon, lavender and a dash of tarragon. The heart of the fragrance features the iconic vanilla and sweet jasmine. The base notes have a cozy appeal where dry, earthy warmth of cedarwood and patchouli allow the lighter accords to flourish with sensuality - tempting you to lean in a little closer, and succumb.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you...