Introducing… Odyssey Collection Chapter III: Escape by Amouage 

The house reveals their third instalment of the Odyssey series showcasing Oman’s greatest treasure

Escape is the third chapter from the Amouage Odyssey Collection. Adding a quartet of new eau de parfums to their iconic catalogue, each creation explores an introspective theme that speaks to the idea of escapism: the desire to grow, striving for a new path, to find a new life.

Showcasing Oman’s greatest natural treasure, each fragrance is laced with royal frankincense — a precious resin unique to this part of the Arabian Peninsula — and is introduced to a broad palette of rare ingredients across four distinctive fragrances — a deft display of tradition for the modern age. 

The perfumes — Lineage, Search, Guidance and Purpose — are broadly inspired by the solo travels of Renaud Salmon, who has been at the helm of Amouage’s creative direction since 2019. Focussing on the raw beauty of the island of Masirah, he pays tribute to the roots of the company, staying true to the house’s ethos — or ‘wave’ — and aims to “bring cultures and generations together” through contemporary language.

“This collection is a singular, introspective olfactory voyage,” explains Salmon. “When exploring Oman, you often feel like touching treasures in a pure way.” And while many of his ideas begin by travelling alone, Amouage brings this new chapter to life by collaborating with perfumers notable for their creativity and sense of poetry.

Past collaborator Karine Vinchon-Spehner — who previously worked with the house on fragrances including Interlude Woman, Memoir Man, Overture Man and Boundless — composes Lineage, Quentin Bisch is the nose behind both Guidance and Purpose, while Alexis Grugeon formulates Search.

The collection embarks on an unexpected journey, showcasing the seemingly endless complexity of frankincense. Search, a crisp dry woods, exhibits its citric and smoky facets, while Lineage, a radiantly feminine soft amber, displays silver waves of aquatic opulence. For those partial to a floral amber, Guidance delivers a divinely crisp gourmand, meanwhile Purpose revisits the resinous roots of frankincense with a classical woods that moves from cool glacial notes through to warming vetiver and spices.

Dying to try them? The Amouage Online Masterclass, with special guest Renaud Salmon, is your chance to experience all four fragrances, as well as a curated selection of Amouage scents. Join us as we explore the new collection for the very first time.