Perfumes and emotions go hand-in-hand, yet we rarely stop to think about its meaning...

Don’t you find it interesting when you’re passing a random street and suddenly, you’re brought back to a memory that might have never been recalled. The truth is fragrance has the power to transport you. You might be wondering how? Well, you can blame science for that. Or, read on to find out how a scent can tap into the part of your brain responsible for mood, emotion, and memory, making it the ultimate #throwback. 

What if one perfect perfume could evoke your happiest memory? But wait, what does happiness really smell like? Could it be the scent of sunscreen lotion with its coconut fragrance reminiscent of a blue ocean with sand sticking to the skin (who else also LOVES the water but dislikes the sand?) and the feeling of warm sunshine after an afternoon swim? Or is the midnight jasmine that evokes endless summer nights and your grandmother’s kitchen? It might also be the smell of your go-to beverage, like a fresh-grounded coffee, the luscious freshness of an icy-cold lemonade or a refreshing green tea. By the way, if you’re a fan of matcha, Montale has delivered a truly different take on this. Inspired by travels to Indonesia where matcha is a fascinating and intriguing ritual, their new creation Blue Matcha is a smoky yet zesty scent.

Happiness might also come in a myriad of other aromas that make up our personal olfactory experiences. Fragrance houses like Creed know how to capture the smell of happiness and bottle it into fragrances - think Aventus or Aventus for Her – the two iconic fragrances that don’t need an introduction.

What else does a scent evoke? We spent our entire last lockdown finding scents that help keep us away from stress and boost your mood instantly! If the pandemic has taught us anything, it would be to learn which scents to use to upgrade your self-care rituals. If you didn’t already know, orange blossom is well-known for relieving stress. We get it, sometimes, working from home means reading the same email three times over yet still not actually reading a word it says. When that happens, don’t forget cedarwood is known for its stimulating properties and helps sharpen the mind.

There are many other ways to take care of yourself when the world feels just a little overwhelming. Did you know? Lavender is the perfect companion for sleepless nights. Today’s luxury candles are more than a pretty centrepiece – they have the power to alter and enhance your mood. A clean, fresh fragrance will clear the air when you’re feeling foggy-headed, while a freshly snapped floral note will bring romance to full bloom, getting you in the mood for a special date night. Or, if you fancy jetting off to a warm beach, consider a scent like the Venice Walk Streets or Central Park West candle.

A candle like Lavender is also perfect for lighting after a long day, helping you slip into a sleepy state of mind. This one by Carriere Freres is a modern, soft take on the traditional note, with soothing essential oil to help lift the calming effect and encourage deeper sleep. We’re also a true believer in the candle’s ability to affect the energy of an office or a home, and woody, musky scents like Trianon or Meriggio Candle will help to ground and stabilize your mood. Each candle in our home fragrance collection is inspired by the idea of unlocking a scent memory, so be prepared to be transported to another world - and wish to stay there. (It happened to us too!) 😊

In our increasingly sustainability-minded world, the ultimate self-care kit comes in a green bottle, looking pretty much like a bottle of Hermetica fragrance. Its unique alcohol-free formula, offers softer, skin-like fragrances, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. While the word lav(incense)ender (we love the play on words here!) stirs images of cleanliness and fresh laundry, the intention here was to approach it differently, imagining the warmth and opulence of lavender like an ocean of tamed lava flowing over the land. Together with its incense notes, the fragrance creates a calming, enveloping presence and is as purifying as ‘dry waters’ in the collective mind. For the uninspired, grounding cedarwood notes in Un Bois should slow an anxious mind and help inspire you. An earthy yet zesty scent like Siren & Sailors will also have the power to make you feel like reading your favourite journal whilst kicking back on a sun-lounger and embracing the colour and freshness of summer.

Although it is getting a little easier to travel to see your family and friends, you may still catch yourself feeling a little homesick. When this happens, you must call home ASAP. It’s a rule! A quick cure for this though would be a Tomato candle. The sweet aroma is as unexpected as it is intriguing. Together or miles apart, it’s a scent that smells like cuddles and love languages. Similarly, camellia is another note with invigorating properties that will enliven any living or working space. Even more intriguing? Different aromas evoke different feelings. Some smells give you all the strength you need and prepare you to take on whatever is coming your way. And a few can even transport you to an experience of tasting an infusion of hibiscus in the heart of a gemstone market — like the surprising contrast of hibiscus/rose floral duo contrasts with leather and the softness of vanilla beans in the new Hibiscus Mahajad fragrance.

While we’re still on a floral note, it’s worth mentioning Flam by Memo. Floral amber and citrus fruity accords are everything we know so far about the brands latest addition. What surprises us is how Memo has bottled up the magnetic energy of the northern lights alongside the warmth of a cosy wooden house with this masterful new launch. So, prepare to get inspired by a quaint Norwegian port town’s charming nature. If you can’t decide between all the Memo’s intoxicating fragrances, let a discovery set take your senses along scented tracks that lead to creative and modern perfumery, using the rarest essences.

Now you know how different smells can bring back certain memories and how powerful they are in boosting your mood and lifting your spirit, it’s time to choose a ‘pick-me-up’ fragrance to enhance your daily life. 😊