EDT and EDP — What's the Difference?

... it's a matter of concentration

The difference between EDT and EDP, or any other type of perfume, comes down to one thing: perfume oil.

 Perfume oil is a concentrated liquid that contains a high percentage of aromatic compounds and essential oils. These oils, derived from raw materials and natural ingredients, are produced through a variety of extraction methods. Once created, the fragrant oil is then diluted in a mixture of water and alcohol to form a fragrance.

In short, the higher the perfume oil content, the stronger and longer-lasting — and generally more expensive — the fragrance. Each classification is indicated by one of the following six perfume class types.

eau de parfum vs eau de toilette

Eau Fraiche

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Eau fraiche translates from French to "fresh water", and is the lightest fragrance concentration with anywhere between 1-3% perfume oil. Diluted in a mixture of water and alcohol, eau fraiche fragrances are generally refreshing and are perfect for hot and humid weather. However, eau fraiche fragrances are fleeting and don't last long on the skin, requiring frequent reapplications. Expect no more than a one-hour lifespan.


Aftershave fragrances typically consist of up to 3% perfume oil. This is because it was intended to be used on the face, a sensitive area where a high concentration of fragrance could be both overwhelming and irritating. However, even with a lower concentration, aftershave fragrances have a lifespan of 2-3 hours on the skin.

Our pick:  Tabacco Toscano After Shave Lotion.

tabacco toscano after shave lotion by santa maria novella
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Eau de Cologne

angeli di firenze 1221 by santa maria novella
aqua porto by claus porto

Eau de cologne is a classic fragrance concentration that originated in Cologne, Germany, in the 18th century. It has a low concentration of perfume oil, typically 1-5%, diluted in alcohol and water. Eau de cologne fragrances are usually — but not always — citrusy, clean, and crisp in character. They are ideal for daily wear and can be sprayed generously on the body. Lasts no longer than 3 hours on the skin.

Our picks: Aqua Porto and Angeli di Firenze 1221 Edition.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette is one of the most popular fragrance concentrations with around 5-15% perfume oil diluted in alcohol and water. Eau de toilette fragrances have a light yet enduring quality, lasting between 3-4 hours on the skin. They are suitable for daytime wear and casual occasions.

Our pick: Gin Fizz.

gin fizz eau de parfum by lubin
gin fizz eau de parfum by lubin

Eau de Parfum

aventus eau de parfum by creed
radical rose eau de parfum by matiere premiere

Eau de parfum is a stronger fragrance concentration than eau de toilette, with around 15-25% perfume oil diluted in alcohol and water. Eau de parfum fragrances are intense and long-lasting, and perform well on the skin for anywhere between 4-8 hours. They are ideal for evening wear and special occasions.

Our picks: Aventus and Radical Rose.


Parfum is the highest fragrance concentration at 25% perfume oil or higher. Parfum is potent and long-lasting, and can perform well for 10 or more hours on the skin. They are ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies to alcohol and are often more expensive than other fragrance concentrations.

Our picks: Interlude Man 53 and Honour Woman 43 from the Exceptional Extraits collection by Amouage.

amouage extrait fragrances by amouage
interlude woman eau de parfum by amouage

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