Golden Oud

Golden Oud

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Woody Amber

Earthy woody notes mixed with spicy and sweet notes.

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One summer evening at the end of August, Alberto Morillas is strolling along the shores of Lake Geneva. He enjoys these moments of peace and tranquillity by the lake, as the summer sun glistens in the pink and azure water. Suddenly, out the corner of his eye he sees two figures pass him, which catch his attention. A sensual and subtle, yet heavy and intense scent fills the air. 

This perfumer immediately recognises the oud in the perfume impregnating the air. This essential oil, which is sourced from remote corners of Asia, along the Bangladesh-India border, is the soul of Golden Oud. 

Known as Oud Assafi, it is the purest essential oil there is, possessing an extraordinary richness. It is perfectly balanced, is leathery and smoky without being animalic, and has delicate balsamic notes. In order to allow its unique qualities to shine through, certain ingredients are added which bring out its different facets. Frankincense and Bulgarian rose give it outstanding delicateness, papyrus brings out its mystery, and Amyris wood and cetalox give it sensuality and roundness.

A captivating elixir for the skin, which is both feminine and masculine.

Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

Developed by esteemed fragrance expert Michael Edwards, the Fragrance Wheel divides scents into 4 different families – Floral, Ambery, Woods and Fresh, containing a total of 14 subfamilies.

All perfumes have a place on the Fragrance Wheel depending on their olfactive properties. By identifying your favourite families, you can easily discover new fragrances that you'll enjoy.


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