Perfumes for Winter

As the seasons change so should your perfume

Falling temperatures means wrapping up warm — and perfume is no different. Rich, deep, sensual aromas, rife with amber and woods, of spices, candied sweets and velvety florals, are the winter comforts that play so well at this time of year. So, without further ado, say hello to our niche perfume picks for winter.

Attendre & Esperer by Frapin

Frapin pays tribute to Edmond Dantes, the Earl of Monte Cristo, with an olfactory interpretation of the phrase "Attendre & Espérer" (Wait & Hope). This dandy woods fragrance, inspired by the elegance, strength, intelligence, and mystery of Dantes, captures the essence of winter with a unique walnut-vetiver accord. Marked by Taoism and Christian hope, the scent is a rich blend of philosophy and intrigue, a perfect cloak of warmth and sophistication during the colder months.

By the fireplace with allure.  _The nutty notes of the fragrance are making thecomposition warm and comfy. This is a day & night fragrance. This is Attendre & Espérer.__#pfrapin #frapin&cie #gentlemen #dandy #.jpg__PID:2090e447-e74a-4ae0-8fae-4e4c9f38e7a1

Bake by Akro

Dive into the gourmet universe of our fragrance BAKE. A scent that awakens the taste buds and envelops us in sweetness!Mother’s Day is coming, with the purchase of a 100ML bottle of Bake, an apron is offered.-.jpg__PID:031958e4-342e-49de-bfff-d0f7fe4cde5e

Akro is brand-new to Libertine and is already making waves. Whether a hedonistic hit of hashish (Haze) or the comforting tonic of a morning tea (Infuse), Akro captures the vices and day-to-day pleasures of life through scent. With Bake, the alluring aroma of a bakery or cake shop teases the senses. While key notes of Chantilly cream and vanilla underpin a rich heart and base, a top-note burst of lemon zest offers a delightfully fresh twist to this moreish amber fragrance.

Favonius by Nishane

While Turkish house Nishane takes much of its inspiration from the modern vision of its Istanbul home, Favonius draws its lines from the mythology of Flora, the ancient Roman Goddess of flowers. And while no love story is complete without a rose, to characterise this woody amber fragrance by its floral heart fails to paint the whole picture. A leading top note of incense and an anchoring base note of oud help round off what is a bright, multifaceted fragrance for winter.

Embrace the harmonious blend of rose, incense, and oud. Let the delicate dance of fragrances take you on a journey of luxury and elegance.#NISHANE #UnfoldYourOwnMyth #Favonius.jpg__PID:58e4342e-a9de-4fff-90f7-fe4cde5ed206

Soufflot by Miller Harris

From page to perfume, discover the Stories Collection. A portfolio of scents prompted by the pages of literature..jpg__PID:52546e1b-6555-47fd-b6cf-db442df7b0f9

With Soufflot, London perfumery Miller Harris delivers a weightless amber as delicate as it is poetic. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s first novel, The Sun Also Rises, and under the creative direction of FiFi award-winning Jillian Freidman, perfumer Mathieu Nardin composes a dreamy scent that follows the cascading aromas of Rue de Soufflot. Think brioche, cinnamon, hazelnut and honey, yet accented by a gentle breeze of blossoms and tobacco.

Vanille Leather by BDK

An audacious fragrance that revels in creamy tuberose and playful vanilla. With BDK’s universal amber, perfumer Dominique Ropion pays tribute to the majesty of Madagascan vanilla and the infinite depth of leather, creating a scent as warm and cosy as you would hope to don during the coldest of winter nights. But make no mistake, this winter warmer is ultra chic too, positively brimming with glitz, glamour and sophistication.

VANILLE LEATHERTop notesPink peppercornViolet accordHeart notesTuberose absolute from IndiaJasmin absolute from EgyptOrange blossom absoluteBase notesVanilla from MadagascarPatchouli from IndonesiaOak woodLeat.jpg__PID:6e1b6555-c7fd-46cf-9b44-2df7b0f9b7ea

Scoville by Obvious

Fresh, spicy and woody! _ __ - @dimitricoste__#obviousparfum #fragrance #perfumetok #musky #scent #parfumtiktok #nicheperfume #muskperfume.jpg__PID:6555c7fd-f6cf-4b44-adf7-b0f9b7ea8a4f

The joy of an Obvious perfume is in the simplicity and clarity of each creation. With Scoville, this intense eau de parfum roars in much the same vein. Aflame with hot spice, this soft amber showcases a fiery blend of pepper (black and Sichuan), red chilli and piri piri root. However, the composition is cunningly tempered by a comforting key note of amber and a soothing vanilla base - enough to put out the blaze, but a gentle heat smoulders on.

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