Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Outside the Box Fragrances 

Our pick of the most exquisite niche perfumes for 2022 is here. Whether you’re gifting someone special or looking to indulge yourself, Libertine’s Christmas Gift Guide is your festive fragrance fail-safe this holiday season. 


Obvious sees luxury as simplicity, a belief that less is more.

un bois eau de parfum by obvious
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Blending innovation with classical elegance, and with environmental protection at its heart, the French house is quietly trailblazing the niche fragrance market. Un Bois, a modern fresh woods, delivers nature as contemporary art on the skin.

Ormaie — 28°

Themselves family-owned, the Parisian house draws inspiration from their lineage of creators and artisans, as well as from local artists and collaborators they meet along the way.

28° is a warm floral of summer days and holiday heatwaves, a solar note of citrus, floral blossoms and a lick of vanilla.

28° eau de parfum by ormaie
ormaie paris

Fueguia — Amalia

fueguia 1833 store image lifestyle

Fueguia 1833 is a unique concept in the universe of perfumery.

Inspired by South America and its inexhaustible sources of earthly treasure, the brand pays tribute to history, art, music and the natural world. Amalia, a classic floral, is an homage to friendship, a story fondly told from the coastline of Uruguay, of Uruguayan and Asian jasmines, musk and ambergris.


What is beyond human consciousness? Noeme Paris attempts to explore hidden worlds and unknown lands. And, what could be more mysterious than the depths of the ocean?

Abysse plunges into liquid darkness, then overwhelms with blinding light. This rich, dizzying woods splashes with salty timbersilk, before a bottomless descent, of treasures relentlessly discovered.

abysse eau de parfum by noeme