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Pull back the curtain on one of Libertine’s best-selling perfume houses. Since its inception in 2007, Xerjoff has enjoyed a meteoric ascent. In a little under two decades, the luxury Italian house has confidently pulled up a seat at niche perfumery’s top table. Simply put: Xerjoff feels more like a heavyweight heritage brand than a relative newcomer.

Combining old world artistry with a contemporary twist, the Turin-based brand’s success is evident inside and out, blending the finest raw materials to produce compelling and innovative compositions, with each fragrance presented in a rare jewel of its own: handcrafted flacons that ooze the Italian DNA for style and sophistication.

A collaboration of international artisans

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The Xerjoff brand was launched by Sergio Momo and Dominique Salvo with one principle aim: to blend the most luxurious raw materials, complementing the most affluent global lifestyles.

Years of meticulous research and development have culminated in a collaboration between premier international artisans, pooling their expertise in distillation, blending, and packaging of their precious essences, cultivated namely in France’s famous Grasse region, as well as in Spain and Italy.

Did you know...?

The brand's moniker, Xerjoff, traces back, in part, to its co-founder and now-creative director Sergio Momo’s childhood nickname. The name brings together Sir, the form of address used by his one-time London colleagues, and Joff, the nickname given by his maternal grandmother.

An amalgamation of precious and semi-precious hand-cut stones, quartz, murano glass, wood, brass and gold help define each masterpiece, presented in modern, handcrafted bottles, topped with the signature Xerjoff stopper.

Fun fact
: the stoppers (or caps), found on each and every Xerjoff perfume, represent the ancient Egyptian crown. The Egyptian Museum of Turin, founded in 1824, is the world’s oldest Egyptian museum, ranking second only to Cairo.

Taking its name from the Arabic word for 'knowledge', 'Ilm is a tribute to the golden age of chemistry.A simple yet breathtaking blend of aged oud is expertly fused with gurjun, cedar and amber. An engtangleme.jpg__PID:1c17aee2-c41c-4fb1-a9b8-7c698cf8a5c7

Xerjoff bestsellers


One of Xerjoff's standout heroes, Naxos is a celebration of Sicily, reflecting its deep and sensual heart in a rich olfactory composition. Imbued with traditional yet effortlessly contemporary, it’s passionate, Mediterranean character conveys the joyous vitality of citrus notes, suspended in a cloud of rich woods.

With its fresh and gourmand bouquet, Erba Pura is a floral perfume of truly universal appeal. Bursting with brightness and vitality, top notes of citrus and a heart of Mediterranean fruits are cradled in a warm base of amber, white musk and Madagasgan vanilla. A masterful fragrance, perfectly executed.

Surround yourself with Erba Pura.Top- Sicilian Orange and Lemon, Calabrian BergamotHeart- Mediterranean FruitsBase- Amber, Vanilla Beans From Madagascar, White MuskErba Pura, available on in 50ml a.jpg__PID:05390389-972b-49a5-b6f2-8a70b97d83f4
XERJOFF, as Silver Partner, celebrates the prestigious partnership between the International NITTO ATP FINALS and the city of Turin with the intoxicating notes of the new perfume, Torino21. .“ The Nitto ATP Fi.jpg__PID:0389972b-59a5-46f2-8a70-b97d83f4f7f9

In partnership with the international Nitto ATP Tennis Finals and the city of Turin, Xerjoff serves up an aromatic smash hit with Torino21. Upliftingly fresh and fruity, Torino21 captures the essence of a high-stakes finals, a finessing serve-and-volley blend of citrus and herbs, falling back on a strong baseline game of verbena and musk.

Xerjoff new releases

Newly released in 100ml format, Xerjoff collaborates with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi to pioneer a multisensory experience merging music and perfume. Their creation, "Xerjoff Blends," embodies a late 60s rock 'n' roll essence. Tony Iommi Monkey Special is a unique venture in the dry woods category, harmonising Iommi's legendary riffs with Xerjoff's olfactory expertise.

The Tony Iommi Monkey Special is NOW back in stock at XERJOFFUNIVERSE.COM..#tonyiommi #xerjoffblends #xerjoffuniverse #monkeyedition #rockedition #xerjoffperfumes #sotd #newperfume #nicheperfume #blacksabbath .jpg__PID:b2fca29b-1c17-4ee2-841c-9fb129b87c69
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True indulgence knows no limits. With Via Cavour 1, Xerjoff creates a fresh yet devilishly gourmand amber fragrance brimming with star quality. Delicate quince and white peach is met by rich chocolate and rose, before a full-bodied blend of patchouli, vanilla, oud, along with a key base note of caramel, envelop the senses. An exclusive perfume for an extraordinary occasion.

Introducing Alexandria III. This luxurious scent marries rare Laotian oud and Bulgarian rose with woody top notes of cinnamon, rosewood, and lavender, offering an irresistibly indulgent aroma. A tribute to traditional Arab perfumery, this fragrance embodies the allure of pure oud distillation, making it an fail-safe choice for those seeking an exquisite olfactory journey in the woody amber category.

After the success of the limited edition of 99 pieces and sold exclusively by Harrods with bottles completely covered with golden crystals, now the new bottle of #AlexandriaIII inspired by Kostas, our Brand Am.jpg__PID:44cf7ca1-c6e9-41d4-8d48-28d26015ce73

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