It’s Personal - How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift 

Personality type could hold the key to their true perfume persona

Perfume is personal. So, when selecting a scent — not least for your Valentine — rolling the dice and simply hoping for the best is, by definition, a gamble. Luckily, help is at hand. Based on four distinct profiles, we’ve curated an exquisite Valentine’s Day selection to help you find the perfect match for that special someone.


Outgoing and confident, the distinctive perfume personality cherishes a life well-lived. Every inch the extrovert, they lead from the front and dare to take risks. Their intrepid spirit expresses a flair for the flamboyant and an insatiable appetite for abundance. Think dramatic; think showstopper.

 A statement mossy woods more than fits the bill. A rich and confident Lady Vengeance is a weapon of pure femininity, as is Pas ce Soir, a heady bouquet of jasmine, citrus and spice. Bold floral ambers cut a dash too. Honour Woman plays an intense, poetic white floral number, along with About That Night, which harmonises a soft feminine scent with a curiously masculine depth.

For dramatic effect, the woods family ranks highly. Aventus, the undisputed king of “what are you wearing?”, purrs effortlessly through the gears with pineapple, birch and ambergris, while Roja Parfums’ stunning hero scent Elysium has to be in the conversation too. Another great option is Homme Parfum. Here is a dynamic, ultra-masculine woody amber as eclectic as a distinctive wearer demands. Toi Toi Toi, another memorable woods, takes its name from an expression within the arts wishing good luck for an imminent performance. Need we say more? 


Affectionate and tactile, the world is a playground through the eyes of the romantic perfume-wearer. Their sunny disposition is infectious, and the relentless sense of possibility, to think big, is what draws you in. Selfless gestures and their earnest nature is always close to the surface. And, it’s this impassioned disposition that carries over into their olfactory tastes.

Masculine ambers and soft ambers like Reflection Man or Melograno work well, or heavier still, a well-balanced, crisp gourmand such as Cacao Libertine (Fun fact: flower seeds are secreted within each biodegradable Maison Tahite box, so you can plant the packaging. Does it get any more romantic?). For an ultra-romantic aromatic fougere, Rock Rose by Clive Christian hits all the right notes: contemporary and refreshing, and with an irresistibly animalic heart thanks to its eponymous ingredient.

If you’re chasing romantic and ultra-feminine, then florals will yield dividends. Delina, starring Turkish rose, French Flower, leading with tuberose, and jasmine-packed Bouquet de Hongrie are all fantastically crisp, elegant and sensual in their own ways. For an amorous twist, try Pink Heart v.6 by Map of the Heart, a rich, racy, mesmerising floral amber.


The classic perfume personality gravitates towards timeless style and sophistication. They are steadfast and loyal, with a nostalgia for tradition. Aesthetically, they appreciate simplicity, flawlessly executed. Balanced compositions from houses of esteemed heritage, as well as enduring cult classics, all pitch perfectly. To the latter, Fracas continues to delight. Created in 1947, Robert Piguets rich, trailblazing tuberose is a feminine floral for the ages.

For a timeless floral amber look no further than So Nude. In his own words, Costume National creator Ennio Capasa describes the crisp and fruity fragrance as the “essence of seduction” and at the same time the “true you”. Where esteemed houses are concerned, Lubin’s Black Jade is a shoe-in. Created for Queen Marie-Antoinette in 1787 and inspired by her private garden in Versailles, this fresh, green woody amber is a living olfactory tale of royal proportions. Scherzo by Miller Harris deserves a mention too: a beautifully balanced, feminine-leaning mossy woods for day or night. 

For a classic masculine profile, acclaimed London house Floris and their No.89 is the quintessential aromatic fougere (it was a favourite of Ian Fleming and receives a namecheck in several of the Bond novels). Staying in Britain, 1872 Masculine’s crisp yet rich mossy woods typifies a sense of tradition and sophistication, whereas L’humaniste spins an unorthodox classical offering with a sparkling yet rich citrus, not forgetting Mythique Vetyver, a woody masterpiece exploring the many facets of Haitian vetiver.


Patient, pragmatic, and with a philosophical view of the world, the relaxed perfume personality values subtlety over all else. Their casual, care-free perspective and refusal to entertain life’s many trivialities align well to a light, easy-to-wear fragrance for the everyday. 

When we consider what makes a feminine fragrance relaxing, think soft; think gentle. A sense of home. Soft florals are where femininity and tranquillity intersect. Hanae transports to a misty Kyoto tea garden, while Muskara Phero J connects to an ancient ancestry using a delicate pheromone accord. Crisp, fresh florals perform well in this category too. Peonypop, an alcohol-free formula, bursts with a bright bouquet of pink flowers, and Secret Gardenia sings a quiet song of white flowery notes. 

Calm and masculine calls for uplifting aquatic styles. From the water family, Silver Mountain Water evokes the sparkling streams of the Swiss Alps, while the aromatic Torino21 (2021) grounds and refreshes. The fresher end of amber isn’t to be ignored either. Mefisto by Casamorati weaves a fresh, floral heart, while Obvious delivers a deliciously soft, citrusy woods in Un Musc.