Lunar New Year 2023: Year of the Rabbit

Libertine celebrates the new lunisolar calendar year with a curated collection of festive fragrances

The Lunar New Year officially begins on 22 January. And with preparations already underway, revellers across the world are eagerly awaiting this year’s festivities, marking a new year on the traditional lunisolar calendar.
This year heralds the Year of the Rabbit. Said to be the luckiest of the twelve animal zodiac signs, it symbolises mercy, elegance and beauty.
At this time, gift-giving is a practice of thoughtfulness and superstition, a chance to reconnect with family and friends, to wish them good fortune and prosperity. To mark the occasion, Libertine celebrates the festival's vibrant colour and culture with a selection of Lunar New Year-inspired scents.

Eau de MemoMemo Paris

According to folklore, Shen Nung, the second emperor of China, was devoted to the study of plants and herbs. One day, his passion for the science of botany met a lucky twist when a green leaf blossom fell into a boiling pot of water. Undeterred by the prospect of contamination, he tasted the tea. His instinct for experimentation was soon rewarded — the green leaf enhanced the flavour.

Eau de Memo, a contemporary, timeless floral amber, celebrates this most mythical of notes from the outset. Opening with a burst of green tea and citrus, a Jasmine heart dries to a rich leathery base — a celebration of elegance.

Millesime Imperial Creed

If gold is a symbol of luck, prosperity and wealth within many Asia-Pacific cultures, then Millesime Imperial inhabits a stratosphere of its own. Sleek and spectacular to the eye, the uber-luxe golden vessel pops with regal grandeur like no other.

Warm and romantic, this most opulent of gender-neutral fragrances is loved by all, boasting ozonic notes and uplifting citrus, anchored to an amber, musk and sandalwood base — a gold standard in fragrance both inside and out.


Highly valued in a number of Asia-Pacific cultures, the Jade stone is known in China as ‘The Stone of Heaven’, symbolising good luck, longevity and immortality. In Chinese numerology, 888 usually means triple fortune — or, infinite fortune — enhancing a number 8 already considered fortuitous. Alone, 8 signifies wealth and great fortune — even spiritual enlightenment. Housed in a pale green vessel — green being a symbol of happiness — the fragrance itself centers around another lucky charm: the lily-of-the-valley molecule — a major note, and a token of renewal. Crisply green and alcohol-free, Jade888 evokes natural beauty, precious and pure.

500 YearsEtat Libre d’Orange

Red is widely used within Asia-Pacific cultures to invite good luck and drive away evil spirits. Combined with gold, for some, it is a sign of wealth and power, and has been paired in this way since Antiquity. 500 Years — a reference honouring the sons and daughters of the Renaissance period who fought the case for art against an established order — cuts a striking visual profile: a gleaming red and gold bottle evoking a sense of strength and liberation.

The scent itself is a flamboyant woody amber combining crisp bergamot, Turkish rose, cacao and amber-sandalwood accord — a powerful mix of spice, citrus and rich florals.

Painted in gold foil over red lacquered glass, Trudon’s limited edition Balmain candle is a shoe-in for Lunar New Year. Developed by fashion house creative Olivier Rousteing in partnership with Emilie Bouge, the creation is an evolution of Trudon’s best-selling Ernesto scent, adding a feminine flourish to its existing masculine notes.

A floral twist on the original, the collaborative piece uses a touch of black rose, achieving a distinct air of mystery — a stunning addition to any living space.

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