International Women's Day 

Celebrating fragrance of feminine flair

Beyond its cosmetic appeal, fragrance has been used throughout history as a symbol of femininity, sensuality, and empowerment. To mark International Women’s Day, we herald the people and perfumeries who are harnessing the power of fragrance to assert female independence and individuality.

La Perla

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la perla eau de parfum luminous

La Perla is a brand created by women, for women. The house dates back to 1954 when entrepreneur Ada Masotti founded the company at a time when few women dared to work outside the home, let alone start a business. Quickly earning a reputation as an expert seamstress she became known as ‘golden scissors’ and, before long, began to upscale, going on to establish her own atelier.

   As time has passed the house has diversified into bodycare, makeup and more recently fragrance. Their latest opus Luminous is an interpretation of their Signature scent. Upholding the company’s values to inspire feminine confidence, Luminous is a playful soft floral as joyous and self-assured as the women who wear it.

Juliette Has a Gun 

With Juliette Has a Gun, Romano Ricci creates a glamorous universe free from convention. The Parisian house sets out to embody the mystery of femininity, playful and seductive, armed with a lethal weapon: her perfume.

Lili Fantasy imagines Juliette as carefree as a bubble of champagne. Frivolous and disobedient, her taste for pleasure is boundless. An extravagant cocktail of white flowers and ambery notes makes this a truly unique floral amber with a gourmand twist: Bubble gum. A whimsical orb of yum.

lili fantasy eau de parfum by juliette has a gun
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Saskia Havekes, Grandiflora 

grandiflora sasika havekes
michel eau de parfum by grandiflora

Founded by Saskia Havekes in 1995, Grandiflora has grown from a small atelier for fresh flowers to a respected international name. The first Australian florist to create a collection of artisanal perfumes, Havekes collaborates with Parisian perfumers and sources all her ingredients from the famous region of Grasse.

Grandiflora sets itself apart in its mission to capture the rarity of flowers. With Michel, its creator Michel Roudnitska — son of legendary perfumer Edward (Eau Savage, Diorissimo) — produces a fresh floral as majestically honest as they come. Magnolia sings from the heart, featuring citrus top notes with supporting roles from rose, jasmine ylang-ylang and vetiver.

Amélie Montale, Mancera Paris

Created by father-daughter duo Pierre and Amélie Montale, Mancera has quickly positioned itself as one of the leading brands in niche perfumery. Shortly after its inception, Amélie became artistic director of the house, with her love for art deco one of her key inspirations for the brand’s aesthetic.

Instant Crush showcases Mancera at its most sensual and feminine. A romantic floral amber with an irresistible trio of rose, jasmine and amber strikes a rich and sensual elegance just waiting to be your next crush.

instant crush eau de parfum by mancera
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Aventus for Her by Creed 

aventus for her eau de parfum by creed
aventus for her eau de parfum by creed

The Anglo-French House of Creed is the quintessential niche perfumery. Dedicated to creating highly original fragrances and with a history spanning three centuries, the Parisian house is renowned for the ‘art of millesime’, blending only the highest concentration of infused oils from the finest ingredients.

A fragrance designed to emulate women who are visionaries in their everyday lives, Aventus for Her is the iconic feminine counterpart to Creed’s Aventus. Inspired by some of the most influential women in history — from royalty to artists and writers — this bold fruity floral heralds the strong modern woman of today.


Lubin opened its first boutique shortly after the French Revolution in 1798. The Parisian house became the official perfumer to European royalty and, among others, was Queen Marie-Antoinette’s appointed supplier.

Eva, whose father left the English countryside for a forest of orange groves, is a story of defiance. A fresh floral replete with lemons, neroli and musk, Eva will never leave this radiant and restless countryside. 

eva eau de parfum by lubin
eva lifestyle by lubin

Linda Pilkington, Ormonde Jayne 

ormonde jayne linda pilkington
ormonde jayne  damask eau de parfum

23 years ago, after a chance encounter with a childhood friend, Linda Pilkington rose to the challenge of creating a scented candle for Chanel’s boutique in Mayfair. Word quickly spread and the orders soon flooded in, most notably from prestigious stores in London and New York.

Today, her house Ormonde Jayne is a leading light in niche fragrance, returning clients to a ‘golden age’ of perfumery where infusions are left to mature for months on end to produce deeper, more complex formulations. Though Linda’s creations are genderless, Damask — an abstract creation of damascene rose — is a beautifully gourmand floral full of fruits and femininity.

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