New: Ego Stratis by Juliette Has a Gun 

“I am Not One. I am Many.”

Questing to decipher the mystery of femininity, Juliette Has a Gun’s latest offering traverses the many ways to be a woman. As creator and CEO Romano Ricci concedes: “It would take me more than a lifetime to explore the complexity of women.” Ego Stratis, the new eau de parfum, aims to unravel layer-by-layer the countless possibilities of a woman and attempts to reunite the multiple facets of the feminine ego.

Embracing what he sees as the “contradictions” of the alternate self — sometimes femme fatal, sometimes romantic, sometimes “boyish” — Ricci welcomes them all, blurring the lines and merging the many alter egos as one. With this in mind, the latest opus from the Parisian house is an ode to gender fluidity, an accord predominantly of citrus and aquatic notes — an ultra-modern interpretation of cologne. 

“Original” and “unique” by contrast to the routine female fragrance, Ego Stratis opens with a burst of bergamot, lemon and mandarin essences, settling from a citrus cocktail into a long-lasting heart of calone, an ozonic marine note underpinning its olfactory identity. A sumptuous base of cedarwood essence, ambroxan and musks round out for a blissful landing, one that is contemporary and compelling..

As Juliette puts it, the ego reveals itself through a certain transparency. The androgynous glass bottle, presented in a petroleum blue gradient, is enhanced further by the metallic cap and silver logo — a reference to the act of reflection itself?

Want to try Ego Stratis? Juliette Has a Gun Online Masterclass — hosted via Zoom — gives you the chance to experience this fabulous new launch as well as some of JHAG’s core collection, all from the comfort of your own home. 

As part of your booking you’ll receive a luxury sample pack — including a sample of Ego Stratis — shipped straight to your door. And, as a special thank you, you’ll receive an exclusive $49 code redeemable after the session. We hope to see you there!

Ego Stratis is available for pre-order now in 100ml, 50ml and 7.5ml travel size.