How to... Create Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Four is the magic number 

In the same way an event can dictate the terms of your outfit, perfume can match our mood and compliment an occasion. Just like your clothes wardrobe, a fragrance wardrobe should reflect your every need, from an everyday scent right up to a fragrance for truly special moments. To achieve a well-rounded wardrobe we recommend a rotation of four distinct scents broken into four categories: Everyday, Weekender, Evening and Special Occasions. A fragrance for each group not only gives you the scope to scent up for any occasion, it allows for the freedom and flexibility to adjust your style according to your mood or surroundings.


An easy-going scent is a fragrance wardrobe essential. For the Everyday category think casual, light and fresh — something classic. Ultimately, it’s the fragrance that provides the most mileage, so avoid heavy ambers if you can help it, keeping to aromatics, citrus, crisp florals and calming green styles.

Everyday scents can be great for professional engagements too. Whether you're facing a job interview or delivering a crucial presentation, having a pleasant scent that's not overpowering can significantly boost your confidence.

Everyday Picks:


For many, a weekend perfume is a reflection of fun, distinct from an everyday fragrance. While a day-to-day scent may be more suited to the requirements of work or routine activities, a weekend perfume should focus on creating a mood of relaxation, leisure, and playfulness — all the things that a weekend can bring.

A distinct weekend fragrance can also help to draw a line between work and leisure time, itself a celebratory symbol of your end-of-week activities. Whether it's a spicy citrus scent for a day spent outdoors, a sweet gourmand fragrance for a cosy night in, or a rich fruity floral for a night on the town, your weekend perfume should be a celebration of life's pleasures and a reflection of your unique personality and style.

Weekender Picks:


A warm and sophisticated perfume can work wonders on a crisp winter day or better still on an icy winter’s night. The enveloping warmth of a sophisticated scent not only offers a tangible sense of heat, it exudes casual elegance, refinement, and confidence.

Complex fragrances are just the ticket here, with woody ambers hitting all the right notes: resinous, spicy, sweet, leathery, earthy — all the facets of a comforting scent that intricately reveal themselves over time. Evening scents are perfect for date night, formal engagements or occasions where you’re looking to take your casual style to the level.

Evening Picks:

Special Occasions

Once in a while, something extra special is required. Marking a truly unique occasion with a distinctive scent, such as a wedding or a milestone birthday, can become an integral part of the memories you create on the day. That’s why when we talk about ‘Special Occasions’, only evocative showstoppers that stand out from the crowd will do.

A knockout floral amber or a distinctive rich woods fit the bill, so long as it exudes an air of star quality. Ultimately, a unique perfume for special occasions is a luxury, a treat to yourself, and a way to enhance your experience and create unforgettable memories. And who doesn’t enjoy turning heads from time-to-time?

Special Occasion Picks:

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