Ani Mini

Ani Mini

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Sweet, spicy and warm notes, bold, sensual and sumptuous.


Crisp green notes reminiscent of cut grass or crushed leaves.

Eau de Parfum

Contains 10–20% aromatic compounds.

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Discover Ani Mini by Nishane.

Now available in travel-friendly miniature format.

Nishane's Ani Extrait de Parfum is a romantic and calming perfume inspired by a famous Anatolian folk song called “Sarı Gelin” (in Turkish) or “Sari Gyalin” in Armenian. As the similarity of the name of the song in both languages suggests, both nations share a very similar culture. The only boundary is in the imagination of the people. Under the theme of 'No Boundaries', the creative directors Murat Katran and Mert Guzel collaborated closely with the talented perfumer Cécile Zarokian to create this enchanting scent. Ani is the name of an ancient city that today lies empty, a crumbling site of the once-great metropolis, known as "the city of a 1001 churches." Today, it’s an eerie, abandoned city of ghosts that stands alone on a plateau. As you walk among the many ruins, the only sound is the wind howling through a ravine that marks the border between Turkey and Armenia. This concentrated Extrait de Parfum is dedicated to overcoming any border between people and to empower the wearer to build their own empire even in a situation when all that is left is nothing but the ruins.

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