Oud for Greatness Neo

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Complimentary 30g Oud For Greatness Candle with your Initio 90ml perfume
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Woody Amber

Earthy woody notes mixed with spicy and sweet notes.

Eau de Parfum

Contains 10–20% aromatic compounds.

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Discover Oud for Greatness Neo by Initio.

A powerful concentrate of essences revealed by the active properties of ‘neuroscents'.

A new form has emerged: Oud for Greatness Neo. Like a free electron, neo breaks away from the original Oud for Greatness olfactory matrix. Neo flows through renewed vitality. Like a flash of light, this dazzling fragrance reveals your innermost nature. Its fluid waves create a charismatic, ultra-fluorescent aura. The result of an alchemy between the power of nature and neuroscience.

The psychoactive molecules of oud enhance our ability to think and feel. The synergistic pairing of lavender Orpur® and bergamot soothes and strengthens the mind. Meanwhile, the positive energy of balsam fir enhances well-being. Neo's brain-boosting scent promotes self-confidence and determination, propelling it to new heights.

Olfactive Pyramid

Top notes: Bergamot, Saffron
Heart notes:
Base notes:
Fir balsam, Oud





Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

Developed by esteemed fragrance expert Michael Edwards, the Fragrance Wheel divides scents into 4 different families – Floral, Ambery, Woods and Fresh, containing a total of 14 subfamilies.

All perfumes have a place on the Fragrance Wheel depending on their olfactive properties. By identifying your favourite families, you can easily discover new fragrances that you'll enjoy.

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