Archives 69

Archives 69

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Warm, dry and sophisticated notes of woods, resins & moss.

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The Classics - Archives 69 - The end of innocence.

The name and the scent represent the attitude of ETAT LIBRE D ’ORANGE A strong yet subtle fruity
and spicy formulation designed to attract and bring others closer to you It releases a seductive mood, perfect for an "evening à deux". This is a perfume designed to free the senses, to open the heart to all the possibilities It is an invitation to pleasure, an ode to seduction It comes without restrictions, rules or regulations It is yours to do with as you wish. 
This is the scent of sensual liberation «Sacré soleil, tu te régales des cuisses incarnates entre les cuisses du temple »

TOP: Mandarin, Pink Berries Pure JE, Pepper leaves
HEART: Vanilla-Orchid Accord, Prunes Neo JE, Incense
BASE: Camphor, Patchouli, Musk

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