Winter Picks 

As the seasons change so should your perfume

Falling temperatures means wrapping up warm — and perfume is no different. Rich, deep, sensual scents, rife with amber and woods, of spices, candied sweets and velvety florals, are the winter comforts that play so well at this time of year.

 Our winter picks are the perfect way to ring in the seasonal comeback of the woody, ambery fragrance.

Casamorati 1888

A classical amber, flawlessly executed. Casamorati, the sister brand of Italian house Xerjoff, offers an exquisite blend of fresh spices, rare flowers and precious woods. With a dreamlike touch, perfumer Michèle Saramito achieves a uniquely warm yet elegant fragrance, replete with saffron, Ylang-ylang, rose and sandalwood. A precious piece of perfume history, reimagined.

Tonka bean is having a moment. This sensual, musky, vanilla-esque ingredient is arguably the most fashionable base material in niche perfumery. With Velvet Tonka, BDK showcases the wrinkled legume in all its luxurious glory. Top note additions of almond and orange blossom help to achieve a soft amber that is both crisp and gourmand in nature. A tribute to the Moroccan origins of founder David Benedek, Velvet Tonka delivers deep powdery facets alongside a sweet breeze reminiscent of the Atlas Mountains.

African Leather Memo Paris

Graceful and majestic: African Leather leaps out like a warning. Exploring the beauty of space and treasured species, Memo creates a soft amber that at first heads up with bright, invigorating citrus, before a rich and mysterious heart of leather and geranium unfolds. A soiree of spices and rich woods, African Leather is to be both admired and contemplated.

Boozy and exotic, Idole serves up a series of contemporary vignettes from the tropics. Orange peel, saffron and black cumin land the first blows, along with a heady hit of rum absolute, closely followed by sugarcane, ebony, gingerbread tree and most notably, frankincense and leather. An exquisite follow-up to the original eau de toilette, pioneering perfumer Olivia Giacobetti succeeds in amplifying Idole Eau de Parfum with a sense of intoxicating adventure.

Idole by Lubin
Cedrat Boise by Mancera

Mancera’s answer to Creed’s Aventus, Cedrat Boise packs a refreshing masculine punch that is hard to resist. Cool spice and citrus, together with jasmine and patchouli, creates a modern yet classic feel. A rich repertoire of woods and alluring base notes — white musk, sandalwood, vanilla, leather, cedarwood and moss — are the fulcrum of a fragrance that is delightfully fresh yet substantial enough for the winter months.

As sophisticated as it is dazzling, Royal Oud is where winter shines like summer. Rich and woody, with an unmistakable pop of pink rose pepper, Creed’s homage to perfumery’s greatest spiritual treasure, Oud, results in a refined experience that elevates the senses. Warm and distinctive, perfumer Julien Rasquinet succeeds in fulfilling Oliver Creed’s olfactive direction for opulence and exotic awakening.

Royal Oud by Creed

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