Libertine’s Most Exclusive Niche Perfume Houses

The newest artisan perfume creations to join our luxury collections 

Lovers of niche, behold! Our newly added luxury collections are some of our most exquisite yet. From Art Deco delights to perfumes as a force of art and nature, prepare to immerse in the unique stories and aromas of our latest uber-niche arrivals.

Carmina by Creed

Robert Bienaimé, a visionary perfumer, established his eponymous brand in 1935. A chemist by profession, he honed his talent and skills under the tutelage of master perfumer Paul Parquet, ultimately becoming a renowned nose. Upon founding the brand, Robert Bienaimé launched five original fragrances, including Éveil, Fleurs d'Été, La Vie en Fleurs, and Vermeil. His legacy endures as a pioneer in perfumery.

After Robert Bienaimé's passing in 1960, the Bienaimé brand remained dormant for decades until its revival in 2021 by Cécilia Mergui. Cécilia's passion for Art Deco aesthetics led her to rediscover the brand through a vintage powder case. Inspired by its timeless Art Deco charm and sustainability, she acquired the brand in 2019 with a vision to create an eco-friendly beauty brand while preserving Robert Bienaimé's legacy. Her goal is to blend the brand's historic splendour with a modern touch, honouring its founder's heritage.

St. Rose was founded in 2019 by Belinda Smith. Her mission? To revolutionise the fragrance industry. The trade, often shrouded in secrecy, was transformed by the house, ushering in an era of transparency and traceability, all while preserving the sensory delight of olfactory art.

Inspired by her Australian roots and named after the Patron Saint of Gardeners, St.Rose has meticulously evolved with an unwavering commitment to crafting the most opulent, long-lasting, and environmentally conscious perfumed offerings. As an acclaimed fragrance house, St. Rose proudly embodies female leadership and operates as a 1% For The Planet business, championing female entrepreneurship as a force for positive change.

Secret Gardenia by Miller Harris
Carmina by Creed

In 1996, Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte launched their venture. It all began with furniture, tableware and ceramics. Their creations, born from discarded treasures found during nightly sidewalk strolls or visits to the thrift market like Emmaüs and Vanves, evolved into imaginative "dream objects." Employing sculptural skills acquired at the Beaux-Arts, they crafted innovative, delightful everyday items and ceramic tableware to grace homes and dining tables. The outcome was refreshingly original.

In 2008, an unexpected hit in the form of a scented dishwashing liquid. Initially introduced as a piece of frivolous fun, it catapulted them into the enchanting realm of fragrant products. Soon, they launched fragrance, hand care, and their inaugural collection of scented candles, embarking on an aromatic global journey. Over time, their range of scented candles and colognes expanded, thanks to the creative contributions of other gifted perfumers, including Nathalie Feisthauer, Alexandra Monet, and Christophe Raynaud, the mastermind behind the effervescent Splash.

The combined brainchild of founder Philippe Di Meo and prolific creative David Frossard (Frapin, Obvious), Liquides Imaginaires was launched in 2011 in order to ‘revive the perfume ceremony and ritual’ by developing new objects and alternative habits through scent. At its heart, the French house plays with the theme of mystery and magic, returning to what it sees as the very essence of perfume, to highlight the magical dimensions of fragrance with its transformative power.

The fragrances, akin to enigmatic riddles, serve as tools for deciphering thoughts, intentions, and personal revelations. They commemorate life's pivotal moments, desires, convictions, vulnerabilities, and inner strengths. To wear a Liquides Imaginaires scent is to depart the tangible world and venture into intimate, imaginary realms. After a brief period away from our collections, Libertine is delighted to welcome back the singular scent house, returning with instant classics such as Blanche Bete as well as 2023’s iconic Dom Rosa Millesime.