Introducing… Maître Tseng x Trudon Candle Collection

The French house explores ‘the journey of water’ with the help of Tea Master Yu Hui Tseng

Trudon’s new collection pays tribute to the richness and beauty of tea. Julien Pruvost, creative director at Trudon and self-confessed tea enthusiast, wanted to meet legendary tea master Yu Hui Tseng. Three years ago in Paris, the meeting finally took place at Maison des Trois Thés.

Pruvost was amazed by what he found. “I discovered a world I did not even think existed,” he recounts. “Extreme naturality and beauty are revealed almost by magic.”

During the tasting, with all the tea prepared by Master Tseng, Pruvost felt "powerfully transported” into hidden inner worlds. A diverse selection of teas, each with their own incredible flavour, acted as subtle media revealing “new spiritual depths”. The experience left a lasting impression on Pruvost.

Increasingly convinced that Trudon, with its age-old values of refinement and excellence, could create candles that pay tribute to the richness and beauty of the “tea universe”, Pruvost set out to collaborate with Master Tseng by incorporating the stories she tells with scent.

Maître Tseng x Trudon seeks to explore ‘the journey of the water’. It is said that “water is the body of tea and tea is the spirit of water”. With this in mind, the collection’s founding idea imagines the flow of water: from the sky, enriched by elements of the earth.

Sous un Ciel de Pétales (Under a Sky of Petals)

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In Sous un Ciel de Pétales, water recalls its previous form by embodying a cloud of spring fragrances. Combining jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum – both originating from the Himalayas – and with fresh notes of bergamot, the fragrance of Sous un Ciel de Pétales evokes a blissful scene of refreshing flowers.

Notes of Guaiac wood and light touch of incense lends a connection to the earth. Referring to the myth of Shangri La, the candle’s name is closely linked to the Qing Dynasty poem, of which Master Tseng has adorned in Chinese calligraphy on the front of Maison des Trois Thés in Paris.

L’Esprit de L’Eau (The Spirit of Water)

Having not yet made its choice, caught in the transition between two states — vapour and liquid — L’Esprit de L’Eau embodies the water that remains on mountain top, overlaying the grey-green terrain. This exquisite creation blends the pure essence of water cascading over Mountainous rocks with the warm woody scents of cedar and cypress, as well as spicy notes of pepper and juniper berry.

Illustrating high perspective and purity, its name in Chinese refers to the ascetic philosophy from the time of the Song Dynasty, seeking inspiration for a spiritual life in solitude and elevation.

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Terre à Terre (Earth to Earth)

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Underground, water densifies, absorbing notes of humus, and becoming increasingly peaty. Terre à Terre precisely describes water as it mixes with the soil.

Woody notes reminiscent of fresh vetiver, cashmere wood and patchouli, as well as an accord between moss and mushroom, brings a sense of spiritual grounding. The name refers to a rich and fertile land that can feed all living beings.