Christmas Edition Siam Benzion & Cacao Bean Candle

Christmas Edition Siam Benzion & Cacao Bean Candle

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Combined with a gourmet touch of Ivory coast cacao, it gains smoothness, becomes heart-warming and voluptuous.

Working with committed suppliers who support conservation programs in the long run, Carrière Frères supports a sustainable benzoin production, one that benefits local communities as well as small producers, improves working and living conditions through social initiatives and the overall improvement of infrastructures. Sourcing made virtuous. . Native from South-East Asia, benzoin is a balsamic resin obtained from a tree in the genus Styrax tonkinensis. Growing spontaneously in Laos, the tree’s bark releases a gum once slit: called benzoin, the name is derived from the Catalan word benjuí and Arabic lubān jāwī dating back to the 15th Century. Of a yellowbrown color, the Laotian benzoin has long been used to blend incenses or in Armenian paper: the warm, woody scent is known for its purifying and protective effects.

Featuring 45 -55 hour burn time.

100% Organic Natural wax.

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