Christmas Edition Festive Candle Gift Set

Christmas Edition Festive Candle Gift Set

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For this limited Christmas edition, Carrière Frères welcomes the Laos benzoin: ideally blended with Damask Rose, Siberian Fir and Ivorian Cacao, the noble resin’s distinctive facets compose three distinct perfumes. Married to an ancient variety of Ottoman rose, the Damask rose, the Laos benzoin becomes oriental and floral, wonderfully feminine. Blended with the majestic Siberian fir, it is woody with an underlying resinous note. Combined with a gourmet touch of Ivory coast cacao, it gains smoothness, becomes heart-warming and voluptuous. Quite hedonistic in a way. The Christmas boxes come adorned with wrap-around botanical illustrations of colourful cacao beans, roses in bloom, benzoin flowers and fir cones. With the Laos Benzoin, Holidays calls for gourmet pleasures and refined moments shared around a joyful fireplace.

This giftbox set includes 3 small candles (70g) containing all three scents are available in this collection.

Featuring 25-30 hour burn time.

100% Organic Natural wax.

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