Scent Library

$ 59.00

Scent Library 10 x 2 ml

Our Scent Library for men and women offers the ideal introduction to the Penhaligon’s fragrance range. Each set contains 10 x 2ml samples of our most popular scents.

Empressa: Florals and fruits are exquisitely combined, tamed, because whilst she is sweet she is anything but clingy.

Luna: Sparkling first with Bergamot oil and lemon primofiore, it soon find a dream-like calm.

Artemisia: Subtle and warm; nectarine, jasmine, tea and lily over precious woods and amber.

Blenheim Bouquet: A bracing mix of citrus oils, spices and woods. Immaculately turned out with a flash of heritage.

Duchess Rose: Always looking for fun and frivolity, her fragrance is a not so innocent fresh rose.

Lord George: His fragrance reflects his essence; seemingly traditional, yet with hidden secrets.

Quercus: Fresh, as warm as English oak; strong stable and modern.

Juniper Sling: Nothing brings jubilance and joy to the senses quite like… Gin! And now a cocktail, or Sling

Endymion: A study in contrasts; spicy and fresh, strong deep.

Halfeti: The beginning of this story is fresh and vigorous. It evolves with gusto thanks to jasmine and spiced rose.