Portraits Countess Dorothea

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Eau de Parfum by Penhaligon’s

A most ferocious matriarch, Countess Dorothea is known for her sharp mind, even sharper wit and a secret fondness for the company of young men, scones and you could call it black-mail. When not holding court, dispensing intergenerational wisdom, checking in on household correspondence or playing cards, she can often be heard observing “How terribly modern.” Indeed, modernity, is nothing if not the most tasteless of crimes.

In matters of education, for the fairer sex, there is but one dictum: namely, never explain, never complain. The rest is good manners. And appearances. And then, later, much later, perhaps in very particular circumstances, matters of the heart. But a good marriage has so often been ruined by emotions.

The maids are often seen scurrying at the sound of her approach, as her Art of (seemingly) casual Conversation has led to the divulgence of many family secrets that were best left unsaid. Her determination to uphold standards is almost touching, her memory legend and her capacity for forgiveness none. Recent family developments would have been trying even for the open-minded. And as anyone has met her will observe, she is many things but that.

Revenge. It’s even better than biscuits

Top notes: Bergamot Intergrale, Red Ginger Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil
Heart notes: Beeswax Absolute, Clary Sage Absolute, Mate Absolute
Base notes: Cashmeran, Vanilla Absolute, Sherry Accord

Olfactive family: Oriental