Portraits Changing Constance

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Sister to Lady Blanche, Constance is what one would call a very modern woman. A sign of the times, and the times they certainly are a-Changin’ (Dylan? No. surely not yet, we’re still wearing corsets!) Of course, progress is progress, but will she ever marry? Why work? What’s wrong with our government? And why, oh why does she have so many opinions?

Despite all of this, men fall at her feet, the children adore her and she gets special treatment from the staff. Every great idea was once unknown

As she enters Lady Blanche’s estate, all tradition seems to go through the window. A spicy wind of change announces her presence: chilling cardamom and transgressive hot pimento leaves stir up the room. To her sister’s dismay.

Top notes: Cadamom
Heart notes: Pimento leaf oil,Butter salted caramel
Base notes: Cashmeran, Tobacco, Vanilla

Olfactive family: Woody oriental