Om Inspire And Smile

$ 175.00

Eau de Parfum
By Miller et Bertaux

OM, inspire…and smile…a perfume like meditation.  Take a breath, the perfume unwraps itself, softly, like a shadow / think eye lids half closed.  First, an opal breeze, from the resin of a myrrh tree, lies down on a ground of clove leaves and patchouli.  Listen to the spicy touch of peppercorn and crumpled chili gently brushing against the skin.  Then, incense burning for meditation, a whirl of sacred woodsmoke embraces body and soul.  Finally, as this radiant halo settles, the flavoured notes of temple flowers and the sweet evocation of black vanilla come to wrap you in an ecstatic aura of comfort and elegance.  The hint of a smile…