Moonlight Catalyst Serum

$ 112.00


Soften. Smooth. Refine. Renew

Some things are best done under the moon and stars. Moonlight Catalyst gently revitalizes skin while you slumber. This herbal alternative to retinoid formulas employs a cocktail of renewing fermented pumpkin enzymes, biomimetic EGF, and hydrating botanical extracts to refine and renew your complexion without irritation or peeling.

SKIN TYPES: For most skin types
Especially beneficial for: Environmentally stressed, experienced, acneic, or imbalanced complexions


* A herbal alternative to retinoid preparations
* Enhances cellular renewal
* Refines texture
* Helps keep pores clear
* Evens skin tone
* Diminishes evidence of previous blemishes
* Free from essential oils to accommodate reactive skin
* Calms, soothes, and plumps to a radiant, creamy, glow


• More effective yet less irritating than AHAs, fermented Pumpkin enzymes soften skin and decrease the appearance of environmental overexposure and inflammatory lifestyle via a refining action.
• Nutrient, vitamin, and antioxidant-rich Hawaiian Sea Algae deeply hydrates the skin to replenish its moisture balance without clogging pores.
Xylitylglucosides are deeply hydrating precursors to skin’s natural creation of hyaluronic acid for beautifully hydrated skin.
• Supercritical extractions of Rosehip Seed and Sea Buckthorn fruit deliver all the valuable essential fatty acids and phytonutrients to care for irritated or chapped skin.
• Biomimetic Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – This beautiful peptide is created via synthesis to mimic the renewing benefits of your skin’s naturally occurring EGF.
• A unique Peach extract with greater hydration properties than before to compliment the benefits of our proprietary blend of algae extracts for beautifully hydrated skin.
• Organic Neroli Flower Extract – Soothing to skin and nerves alike, we included a gorgeous, subtle extract of organic bitter orange blossoms.

Made in USA