$ 299.00

100ml Eau de Parfum by Hermetica

Megaflower is a bouquet of orange flower, wrapped with ambery elements that add an inviting warmth.
Like love at first sight, this fragrance strikes with both a powerful and yet delicate thunder of Vetiver Oil and Mandarin Molecule.
Sparkling – Wide – Luminous.
Key Ingredients:
Orange Flower Absolute
Vetiver Oil
Mandarin Molecule
Olfactive Family: Dry Waters / Floral
The Dry Waters collection, or abstract metallic flowers, is inspired by the floral waters that predated modern-day fragrances.
Each of the fragrances in this collection celebrates the epitome of florals in a contemporary molecular concoction.
The fragrances range from sweet to fresh, and have an original palette that arouses cold to warm sensations.
Speed / the time it takes to have the full impression of the fragrance’s DNA : 10sec.