Lalique De Lalique Crystal 2018 Seduction Parfum

$ 3,199.00


Initiated by Marie-Claude Lalique to celebrate the birth of her first perfume, Lalique de Lalique, since 1994 Limited, Signed and Numbered Editions of Collector’s Crystal Flacons have become an annual event like vintage wine. Initially dedicated to feminine perfumes, these prestigious editions were subsequently joined by their male counterparts in 1997.

Each year Lalique elevates the art of Flacon design to the summit of creativity by uniting an inspiration from the works of René Lalique with a modernity that is informed by the most exquisite techniques of our master craftsmen.

Frequently figurative, the Flacons are the glassmakers’ chance to excel in creating and finishing curves and sculpted details. They are produced at Lalique Workshops (At Wingen-sur-Moder) by our master glassmakers including some of the very best tradesmen of France (“Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”).

Draped in a veil that reveals her voluptuous figure, adorned with a delicate motif of scales… Is she a woman, a goddess, a mermaid? Reinvented by the house of Lalique, this contemporary embodiment of the eternal feminine, sensuous yet stately, breathes life into crystal. An exceptionally fine-detailed female statuette, the spectacular stopper of the 2019 Limited Edition is a true feat of glassmaking technique.

LALIQUE DE LALIQUE is a floral, feminine and radiant fragrance that opens with a blossoming of flowers and is prolonged by a host of delicately fruity, vanilla and musky notes.


Heart notes: Jasmine, Clove and Rose
Mid notes: Blackberry, Cassis and Pear
Base notes: Sandalwood mysore, Vanilla, White musk