Indian Study

$ 199.00

Miller et Bertaux – Indian Study / Santal +++ 100ml

An uncompromising fragrance. Sandalwood at the peak.

A perfume without genus. Women and men will recognize each other.

Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux is a small but fine label with their own boutique. Founded in 1985 by Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, it is located in the colourful and special district of Marais in the heart of Paris.

“Imagination / silence / art and life, be free.” – That is the creed of Miller et Bertaux.

Taking a look at the fashion of the two designers, one can see that everything is confirmed very quickly: With a special focus on substance and form, material and cut, garments are produced, often pure and seemingly clear, partly inspired by ethnic influences and from a lightness and love to openness.

Like the fashion of Miller et Bertaux their fragrances represent something special: Primarily created for individualists, they resort to the purist, clear style of the designs by Miller et Bertaux and breathe their minimalist and contemplative mind. “Parfums d’art, Parfums de nature” they are, Art, originating from nature and bound to the earth.

Top Note: Mysore Sandalwood, Amyris

Heart Note: Cumin, Curry

Base Note: Woods, Musk