$ 389.00

Eau de parfum
By Creed

Creed family memories of happy times sailing the Mediterranean inspired the nautical fragrance Erolfa – and prompted Olivier Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer, to name this universal scent for his family:

– ER stands for Erwin Creed, only son of Olivier Creed. Erwin is the seventh generation and future head of the House of Creed.
– OL stands for Olivia, Mr. Creed’s only daughter and a talented visual artist who works for the company.
– FA stand for Fabienne, Erwin’s and Olivia’s mother.

Whether you enjoy the excitement of a regatta or admiring the sea from comfort on shore, Creed Erolfa takes you away to the beauty of the sparkling seas.

Marine / Fresh

Invigorating, uplifting and inspiring, Creed Erolfa is the fragrance of maritime champions. Its oceanic freshness evokes the exuberance of sailing on the high seas.

Top note: Citrus fruits and bergamot
Middle note: Herbal notes
Base note: Ambergris