Emerald Stairways Discovery Kit

$ 39.00

Hermetica’s green and pure Eau de Parfum collection is featured alongside the base of the brand, Source1, in a kit of 4 samples to try at home.
This set of 4 samples includes:
JADE888, soft, pure, precious.
SPICEAIR, fresh, clean, spicy.
GREENLION, powerful, wide, sparkling.
SOURCE1, sparkling, fresh and sunny.
Olfactive Family: Emerald Stairways / Green
The Emerald Stairways collection is inspired by the famous Emerald Table, part of the Corpus Hermeticum book of alchemy.
The collection is a celebration of different shades of green – each green note evokes life, nature and energy.
Speed / the time it takes to have the full impression of the fragrance’s DNA : 15sec.