Clearing Serum

$ 99.00


Balance & Calm

Support skin’s inherent healing capabilities to minimise the appearance of irritations and blemishes.

For: Most skin types,
Especially beneficial for: Fussy, pollution-irritated, or hormonally wonky complexions
Use: Daily AM and PM by itself or in combination with other KYPRIS products as desired.


• The immune system’s mineral friend, Zinc, balances sebum production while inspiring skin’s natural protective mechanisms to modulate inflammation whether caused by blemishes or irritations.
• Apple fruit extract imparts Alpha Hydroxy Acids to minimise the appearance of blemishes, old and new.
• A proprietary blend of LavenderNiaouli, and Tea Tree essential oils minimise the appearance of scars and reinforce skin’s barrier function all while challenging acne-causing bacteria.
• Willow Bark extract delivers its active salicins to smooth, heal, and restore imbalanced complexions.
• Quinoa Seed Oil – We added this essential amino acid-rich plant oil to better nourish compromised skin.
• Lilac Leaf Stem Cells – One of the genius aspects of some plant stem cells is the ability to offer a valuable constituent that is propagated from a single cell. A rich source of verbascoside, the lilac leaf stem cells benefit skin that is break out prone or recovering from break outs, old and new.
• Chaparral – Plant wisdom from a desert shrub that thrives in the most inhospitable environments and lives longer than most plants on earth has some serious botanical smarts to proffer. Our wild crafted chaparral was traditionally used as an herbal aid for those suffering from cancer and other inflammatory conditions. It’s viewed ethnobotanically as an ancient antibiotic, and modernity has discovered its lignans to have an antioxidant-like effect, hence its calming benefits to skin.
• Asiaticoside – Instead of using a complete extract of Centella asiatica, we reached for the clinically studied, active saponin of the herb: asiaticocide, shown to be even more supportive of skin’s connective tissues.
• Montmorillonite – A fairy dusting of this super soothing clay helps skin to maintain a happy balance of sebum which in turn limits the food supply of undesirable bacteria.

Made in USA