$ 299.00

100ml Eau de Parfum by Hermetica

Amberbee is a rich and luxurious fragrance, delicately enveloped with Myrrh Essence.
This multi-faceted fragrance is brightened by Bergamot Essence and warmed by a Sweet Amber Molecule.
Sweet – Sunny – Velvety.
Key ingredients:
Myrrh Essence
Bergamot Essence
Sweet Amber Molecule
Olfactive Family:  The Vertical Ambers / Oriental
The Vertical Ambers collection is a molecular coruscation made with different shades of amber molecules.
Inspired by the earth’s connection to the wider cosmos — and the symbolism of the sun, the moon and stars — these fragrances hark back to the spirituality of alchemy.
Speed / the time it takes to have the full impression of the fragrance’s DNA : 25sec