Acqua Originale Aberdeen Lavender

$ 385.00

Eau de Parfum
By Creed

What greater joy than to explore our wildest dreams. Breathing the beautiful summer dawn, and the smell of flowers surrounded with gold. The East – patchouli with its velvety leaves, and vetiver resinous oil – enters into symbiosis with the West – purple lavender, rosemary, and iris, rose’s haunting flavour or absinthe’s vesperale fever – Colours come close to the skin, water caresses it, plants oxygen partakes of the froth of fragrances. We would like to slowly cover ourselves with these Dionysian swirls and, as an eyelid that opens to the morning sun, become an emanation of the world like a thin stream of water hidden behind tall ferns.

Top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Absinthe and Rosemary
Heart notes of Iris, Lavender, Rose and Tuberose
Base notes of Leather, Patchouli and Vetiver

Scent Type Aromatic Fougere
Perfumer Olivier Creed
Year 2014

SIZE: 100ml