Parfum de la Nuit No 2 Parfum

Parfum de la Nuit No 2 Parfum

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Woody Oriental

Earthy woody notes mixed with spicy and sweet notes.

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The Parfums De La Nuit Collection explores the way in which our true primal urges rarely surface during the day, yet can emerge from the shadows as the sun goes down. This overtly sensual set of scents allow us to explore the inner desires lurking within us all, by bringing seductive characters into olfactive technicolour. These are the forbidden fragrances of the perfume world. Number 2 is “The Seducer”. You may not notice at first, but without you even quite realising it you are subject to their power. Slowly charming you, a graze of the knee or a whisper of breath on your neck and you are completely at their will.

The Fragrance Wheel

Developed by esteemed fragrance expert Michael Edwards, the Fragrance Wheel divides scents into 4 different families – Floral, Oriental, Woods and Fresh, containing a total of 14 subfamilies.

All perfumes have a place on the Fragrance Wheel depending on their olfactive properties. By identifying your favourite families, you can easily discover new fragrances that you'll enjoy.