Fueguia Online Masterclass 12 October 2022

Fueguia Online Masterclass 12 October 2022

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You are invited on an exclusive guided tour of the house of Fueguia in an Online Masterclass via Zoom.

The heart of the brand lies in Patagonia, within its virgin territories, fiercely dominated by the nature - Fueguia's luxurious and exclusive fragrances use only certain natural ingredients, being often very unique and used for the first time in perfumery.

Join us with complimentary bubbles and Sample Set (which we will send you) and enjoy the opportunity to wear a curated collection of Fueguia's most popular scents.

Together with fragrance expert Michael Marzano, we will explore the history and hidden secrets behind Fueguia and answer all your fragrance questions as well as provide in-house tips and advice in a fun and interactive way.

You will also receive personalised perfume styling advice based on the work of acclaimed author Michael Edwards and his uniquely developed Fragrance Wheel™, who has long helped support the fragrance industry in Australia.

As a special thank you, your $89 booking fee will also be redeemable against any Fueguia purchase over $250 with a voucher code that will be emailed with your Zoom link and login details before the Masterclass.

Don't miss out - tickets are limited!

We will send your pack one week prior to the event - please make sure you order before this time, and place orders separately if sending to multiple addresses.

Wednesday 12 October 2022
7:30pm-8:30pm AEST (6:30pm Brisbane time)

Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

Developed by esteemed fragrance expert Michael Edwards, the Fragrance Wheel divides scents into 4 different families – Floral, Ambery, Woods and Fresh, containing a total of 14 subfamilies.

All perfumes have a place on the Fragrance Wheel depending on their olfactive properties. By identifying your favourite families, you can easily discover new fragrances that you'll enjoy.

Do you already have a favourite? Use the Fragrance Finder to search for similar scents in Libertine's luxurious collection.


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