Get the Feeling

Get the Feeling

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Sweet, delicious and tropical notes, like peach, pear and apple.


Warm, dry and sophisticated notes of woods, resins & moss.

Citrus Fruity Accords

Zesty, refreshing citrus blended with delicious fruity aromas.

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An original olfactory score, dedicated to opera music and created by Master Perfumier Maurizio Cerizza, a touching, intimate and well-balanced composition. Like a deep and virile voice, it reaches straight for the heart. The Voluptuous notes of Davana, Coriander and Ambrette generate olfactory virtuosities which linger from the head to the base. Ginger, Lemon and Bergamot create a citrus sillage which instils vigour. Patchouli, Junier Berries and Precious Woods generate sensuality, creating an unforgettable fragrance.

Top notes: Fresh ginger, Sicilian lemon, Pink pepper, Calabrian bergamot, Aquatic accents

Heart notes: Cardamom, Davana, Roman chamomile, Coriander, Angelica root

Base notes: Patchouli, Juniper berries, Absolute ambrette, Precious woods

Maurizio Cerizza

Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

Developed by esteemed fragrance expert Michael Edwards, the Fragrance Wheel divides scents into 4 different families – Floral, Ambery, Woods and Fresh, containing a total of 14 subfamilies.

All perfumes have a place on the Fragrance Wheel depending on their olfactive properties. By identifying your favourite families, you can easily discover new fragrances that you'll enjoy.

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