Christmas Edition Siam Benzion & Damask Rose Candle

Christmas Edition Siam Benzion & Damask Rose Candle

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Married to an ancient variety of Ottoman rose, the Damask rose, the Laos benzoin becomes oriental and floral, wonderfully feminine.

Working with committed suppliers who support conservation programs in the long run, Carrière Frères supports a sustainable benzoin production, one that benefits local communities as well as small producers, improves working and living conditions through social initiatives and the overall improvement of infrastructures. Sourcing made virtuous. . Native from South-East Asia, benzoin is a balsamic resin obtained from a tree in the genus Styrax tonkinensis. Growing spontaneously in Laos, the tree’s bark releases a gum once slit: called benzoin, the name is derived from the Catalan word benjuí and Arabic lubān jāwī dating back to the 15th Century. Of a yellowbrown color, the Laotian benzoin has long been used to blend incenses or in Armenian paper: the warm, woody scent is known for its purifying and protective effects.

Featuring 45 -55 hour burn time.

100% Organic Natural wax

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